Posted on: July 27, 2008 11:01 am

2 straight in fenway

The Yankees once again have gone into Fenway Park and have so far put a hurting on the Red Sox. True, we are only in July, but they are again making a huge statement to the rest of the American League. It looks like the Yankees might just be in the race. As the season has played out, many people have written them off, saying their time is up. However, as the calendar turns once again to July, here they come. They have had devastating injuries, Wang out until September at the earliest, Posada, possibly out til the end of the season, Matsui, possibly out til the end of the season. Johnny Damon went on the DL for the first time in his career. A-Rod missed time. Cano struggled up through June. Derek Jeter isn't even hitting his career average, and Melky Cabrera hasn't been up to par. I don't even need to write about the pitching struggles at the start of the year. Yet, here we are about to turn the calendar to August. The Yankees are 3 games back of the Rays, 1 game back of the Red Sox, and they are streaking. As the rest of the season plays out, everyone should consider themselves on notice. The Yankees are going to win the division. The Rays aren't battle tested yet. Give them another year. The Red Sox have to deal with the Manny situation before they can get themselves right again, but either they will lose his bat or they will lose his heart. There isnt another team that has the heart, soul and aura of the New York Yankees. Welcome back Yankees, not that I ever thought you were really gone, but you made a lot of people nervous this year.
Posted on: July 26, 2008 3:32 pm

Training Camp is Underway

Its amazing isn't it. Its the end of July and the NFL is really starting to kick into gear. Ina couple of weeks we will be watching preseason games and getting ready for the 17 regular season weeks that will ultimately end up with the playoffs. Let's hope that between now and then we don't have to hear anything else about Brett Favre. The guys had a great career and should really just fade away and let his reputation and statistics stand alone for his entry into the Hall of Fame in 5 years. But, he seems to want to be like some of the other legends before him. Joe Namath, how silly did he look in a Rams uniform. Joe Montana, ridiculous with the Chiefs. Where would Favre end up, it looks like a choice between the Jets and the Buccaneers. At least if he was traded to the Jets he would still be wearing green, but please don't go to NY. The pewter and orange of the Bucs would be a horrible sight to see with number 4 on the shirt. Please, Brett, listen, its time to hang up your helmet. Remain a legend in Green Bay. Nobody wants to see you tarnish what you have accomplished in your brilliant career. Don't make yourself look silly. I'm not saying you can't still play, I'm sure you can. Just  let the Packers move on without you, don't force their hand. You have been great for the NFL and I thank you for allowing me to watch you, but Brett, GO AWAY NOW.
Posted on: July 24, 2008 5:41 pm

Welcome to The Daily Dose

First of all, I would like to welcome anyone who is reading my musings. I will do my very best to stick to facts in here. I will have some of my own insights, and opinions, but I will make sure to be honest and forthright. So please, enjoy yourself, don't take it too seriously, it's kinda supposed to be fun. If I offend anyone, I will take the time to apologize now. If you are a Braves or Patriots fan, I apologize for you. Not to you, you apparently don't know any better.

Today's Topic:  New York Yankees Baseball

Well, its late July, the Yankees are 3 1/2 games behind the Rays and 3 games behind the Red Sox.  They have a crucial series this weekend in Fenway Park. Jorge Posada and Hideki Matsui are on the DL. Chien Ming Wang, their ace, has been on the DL for a month and a half. What is the talk surrounding this team? A-Rod and Madonna. You have got to be kidding! Does it really matter? How many women was Mickey Mantle with, the guy is a GOD in New York. People get over it. This team has other issues that need to be addressed. I read here on sportsline that they are considering Barry Bonds. Personally I think its a great idea. It gives them another big bat, a player that can get on base, and someone to take the brunt of the media away from A-Rod. Maybe a signing like this would give Alex just the break he needs come playoff time that he wouldn't hear quite as much about his recent playoff issues.

Are they even looking at another catcher if Jorge can't continue or are they going to stick with Molina. You talk about an inning killer. If they have anyone on base they almost have to start the runner or else its an easy double play. Even if he runs hard to first base it looks like he's going backwards.

What about Mark Texeira? Any chance he could be the first basemen next year. Pretty sure it's not going to be Giambi. Like I said, pretty sure. i was a little bit surprised they brought Posada back this year and giving him a 4 year deal is starting to look like a bad idea. Didn't Pavano get a 4 year deal. Uhoh!! Did I go there.

Well have a great day everyone. If there are any Yankee fans in Boston tomorrow night, be careful! Those Sox fans are idiots too, I should have mentioned them with the Braves and Patriots(Kinda strange, aren't these all Boston teams)

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